Quixx-Leštenie, čistenie a konzervovanie kovovych povrchov 95g


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3-in-1 solution: Cleans, polishes and seals in one step only! QUIXX all-metal polish is the ultimate care-product for chrome, aluminium, magnesium, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel and many other metals. Features and benefits: • Removes haze, oxidation, corrosion, tar, brake dust and minor particles • High-performance polish concentrate provides a professional result • Efficient sealing of the metal surface • Quick and easy to apply Due to the innovative high-performance polishing concentrate, in particular haze, oxidation, corrosion, tar, brake dust and small traces are quickly removed. It attains professional results without ugly clouding that could occur using other cleaners. The metal gleams in new splendour! QUIXX All Metal Polish not only cleans and polishes the surface, but an efficient protective layer is retained on the surface of the metal, that protects against reoxidation and recontamination and provides durable lustre.

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