Quixx-Súprava na obnovu svetlometov 50g a 30ml


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Headlight treatment polish + headlight sealing Features and benefits Headlight Polish: • Removes yellowing, matt areas and light scratches and, thus, provides clear headlight lenses • Increases the safety during driving due to perfect light and, thus, improves vision and “being seen" • Improves the optics and, thus value retention of the vehicle • Application saves expensive repairs or replacement of the headlight • All-inclusive kit contains everything required for application • Superior effect due to PDT (Plastic Deformation Technology) Features and benefits Headlight Sealing: • Provides a durable protective layer • Increases the resistance to scratches and yellowing The headlight sealant , also included in the headlight kit, provides comprehensive protection for the headlight. Its unique formula provides a durable and weatherproof, highly polished layer against environmental influences. In addition, the smooth, contamination-repellent sealing maintains the headlight cleaner for longer. Regularly applied, the UV protection it contains significantly helps to prevent the headlight yellowing and becoming cloudy again.

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